Review of Phantom Silver Octopus Tentacle Ring

I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to review this .925 silver tentacle ring made by Phantom Silver. Here is my review from Amazon.

I received this ring in the mail yesterday and boy am I pleased!!! Octopus are my favorite animals, they have been since I was a kid growing up at the beach and loving all things oceania – so much so that I even have an octopus tattoo! So you can see, this ring was right up my alley.

I purchased the “Antique” finish, and it’s just beautiful. It’s .925 silver, and there is a bit of a patina to the ring so you are able to distinguish the suction cups on the tentacle just a bit better than on the shinier ones, in my opinion.

The ring comes in a zip lock bag, in a velvet bag, in another zip lock bag. So, it’s very well protected in its journey.

The ring itself is a beautiful wrap around design, all of the outer surface is covered in suction cups. The inner surface has a bit of a comfort fit, rounded on the edges, and is stamped .925 and Silver Phantom on the inside. It’s fairly light to wear, and very very comfortable. I have been wearing it since it hit the mailbox and it didn’t leave marks of any kind on my finger.

The ring is adjustable, but not in a cheesy cheap way, but in a classy “an octopus is wrapping it’s tentacle around your finger” type of way. With just a quick squeeze and a medium amount of pressure I resized it to fit my middle finger perfectly.

I don’t normally put many of my reviews on my YouTube channel, bit this one is definitely going on there, as well as on my Instagram, I love this ring so much, and I’m really more of a necklace kind of person.

I hope that you found my review helpful. If so, please let me know. Also, if you have any other questions about the ring please let me know that as well and I will try my best to answer them for you.

I received this product at a discount for my honest review. and please note, I don’t automatically give 5 stars for my reviews. I take the time to test, use, and photograph my items to help out other buyers.

Opshorie Ionic Hair Straightener Brush Review

I am lucky enough to be able to test products for free or at a huge discount. This is my Amazon review of the Opshorie Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

I am really super happy that I ordered this ionic hair straightening brush. I already have one of the more common NON ionic hair straightener brushes with the rubber tips, and I have to say that this one is MUCH better.

This ionic hair straightener came in a very nice black box with a picture of the brush on it. In the box is the black ionic brush straightener, a hot mitt glove type thing, two alligator hair clips, and a user manual.

Everything on the brush is made of plastic except for the bristles and buttons which look to be metal, and there is a rubberish guard around the metal bristles. The buttons are metallic and the ionic button lights up. It is little heavy but still comfortable to use as a hair brush. I could see if you have very long and very thick hair that the weight of this brush might be a turn off, but since I have medium length and medium to thick hair the heaviness was a sign of durability. It feels WAY more sturdy than any of the other straightener brushes that I have tried out. Which, by the way, is 4 of them.

The buttons are located on the front of the handle which is better than the other hair straightener brushes that have them on the sides. It also has a small LED display to show the temperature of the hair brush as it’s heating, which I thought was an awesome feature. The LED screen flashes while the brush is heating up and stays lit when it’s reached the optimal temperature that you set it for.

The bristles are hard and stiff but very comfortable for me to use. They don’t have those rubber tips that can get caught in your hair. I like to use the straightener to just make my hair smoother, and when you turn the ionic button on you really only need one pass through your hair to make your hair nice and smooth and straight. Just take a look at my video and you can see how my hair went from kind of wavy and messed up looking to perfectly straight with just one pass through with this straightening brush. I also like how when you use the straightener it makes your hair automatically so much more shiny and smooth and professional looking.

I really like this hair brush straightener, I think that it was a great purchase. I would recommend this ionic hair straightener to with all types of hair, I think that this particular hair straightener would work on even curly hair. The other straightening brushes that I have tried definitely would not work on really curly hair. This one seems like it is a lot more powerful.

If you found my review, pictures, and video helpful please let me know. If you have any other questions about this product please let me know that as well and I will try to answer them for you.

I received this product at a discount for my honest review.

Medela Symphony Breast Pump Review

The Medela Symphony pump is hands down the best pump that is available on the market. Like most of the other reviewers I started out using this pump in the hospital. When my baby was born a few months ago he went directly to the NICU, I didn’t get to hold him other than for a few moments right after he was born. I wasn’t able to hold him let alone try to breastfeed him due to all of the wires and tubes. So very shortly after birth one of the nurses brought by a Medela Symphony pump and encouraged me to pump every 3 hours round the clock to establish my milk supply. Thank goodness that she did that, because otherwise I probably wouldn’t have been able to breastfeed since my baby didn’t get to come home until a week after I was discharged.

I rented the Medela Symphony pump from a supplier that the hospital recommended, and continued building my supply. When my baby came home I was mostly breastfeeding him, but also using the Medela Symphony pump to try and make my body produce more milk. The Medela Symphony pump is really awesome – I used a cheaper Medela Pump InStyle with my daughter 4 years ago, and the Medela Symphony pump is SO MANY steps above the InStyle that I’m surprised that they are even made by the same company.

However, it’s really convenient that they ARE the same company, because you can use the same pump parts such as the flanges (the horn things that go on the breasts), the membranes, the bottles, etc. The only thing that you have to get that is proprietary to the Medela Symphony pump is the tube kit that includes the membrane caps that attach the hoses to the pump motor. I personally didn’t have to buy the kit, because the hospital provided me with a set to use with their Medela Symphony pump when I was there, and encouraged me to take it home with me because I ended up renting a pump. So if you are in the hospital and are using a Medela Symphony pump or plan on buying one, make sure that you ask for the membrane and tube kit from the lactation consultant or your nurse, because otherwise you will have to buy it separately, and I believe that they run around $30 or so.

As my Medela Symphony pump rental was running out I dragged out my 4 year old InStyle pump, and it seemed like the motor was dying. So I ordered a new “hospital grade” pump of a different brand. It was SO UNCOMFORTABLE to use that I considered just scrapping the whole thing, and just letting nature take it’s course and not actively try to keep my supply up. However, my husband was very encouraging to me, and it was very important to both of us for our baby to get breastmilk as long as possible, and that meant that I needed to pump not only an extra time or two per day to keep my supply up, but also when the baby started sleeping through the night to keep things going.

So I ended up buying my very own Medela Symphony pump when I had two days left on my hospital rental. And it was the best decision ever. The Medela Symphony pump is so gentle on my poor sore chest, and it gets out ounces of milk where my InStyle was just struggling. I LOVE my Medela Symphony pump.

Of course, the main (and only that I can think of) drawback about the Medela Symphony pump is of course the price. However, if I didn’t go ahead and buy the Medela Symphony pump my milk probably would have dried up when my baby started sleeping through the night at 10 weeks old. And since he isn’t even quite 3 months left, that would have been about 9 months worth of formula that I would have had to buy. So I kind of figure that the cost if kind of a toss-up, I just had to pay for the pump up front instead of spreading the cost of formula out over the next 9 months. And of course, I can always sell this Medela Symphony pump when I’m done with it and try and re-coup some of my initial cost.

Very long story short – This is a wonderful pump that works awesomely and was a Godsend to my family. I would recommend this pump to any woman who is having any challenges with breastfeeding such as a NICU stay, a C-Section, poor latch, etc.

DawnBlogtopus Likes Octopus Tripods – Review

I recently made a review on Amazon of the iBOLT Tripod miniPro with Sonic Shutter Selfie Remote. My findings are explained below.

This is actually the second octopus tripod stand I have gotten this month. I do YouTube Unboxing and review videos, and I found that I had to try to balance my phone on random stuff such as boxes or books to try to get a good angle during filming. This octopus style tripod stand and selfie remote is priced significantly higher than the other octopus style tripod that I bought previously. However, this tripod has more accessories as well as it seems to be a higher quality of materials and workmanship than the other tripod. Don’t get me wrong, the other tripod is FINE and servicable, but it was a 4 star product instead of a 5 star product.

This is a small ish tripod, the tentacles are approximately 8 inches long, and you can move them in any way that you like. There’s a mounting plate allows for cameras with the threaded insert to be used, and there’s also an extra piece that holds your cell phone very securely and can be positioned different ways. This is a difference from the other tripod that I got — though it has a cell phone attachment it’s a small spring loaded one, and it doesn’t fit my phone when I have my Otterbox case on it. This tripod, however, DOES fit my Samsung Galaxy S5 with the case on it without having to remove the outside rubber piece.

This tripod also comes with the Sonic Shutter Selfie Remote. The remote works great, and the battery is even included for your convenience. The Sonic Shutter remote control shutter works through a proprietary app that you download and install on your phone. The app automatically detects the remote shutter as soon as the app is installed which was also convenient.

The legs are very flexible, joint by joint, and can bend in any direction you want them to go. They are perfect for attaching this tripod wherever you need it. it can be attached vertically, horizontally, or even upside down. Now that’s cool! The legs worked very well to adjust your shots, as advertised. I would definitely recommend this tripod and selfie remote to somebody starting photography or maybe filming YouTube videos on a smart phone.

I received this product at a huge discount for my honest and unbiased review. I did not just automatically give them five stars even though I got a discount , I tested it out and decided that it was a good product and I like it.

Review of Angel Crafts 12″ x 12″ Self Adhesive Vinyl Sheets



I was lucky enough to be chosen on Tomoson to review a 35 pack of craft vinyl made by Angel Crafts. Here are my findings.

This set of 12×12 self-adhesive vinyl craft sheets are amazing. I ordered these and was crafting just two days later with the vinyl sheets and my Cricut machine. The set of self-adhesive vinyl craft sheets made by Angel is really a great Buy. You get 35 different sheets the colors included are:

magenta, tomato red, tangerine, sunbeam yellow, kelly green, blue, plum, brown, gloss white, gloss black, fiesta pink, wild cardinal red, teal, royal purple, lavender, violet, beige, silver, matte white, medium grey, matte black, gold, Olympic blue, sapphire blue, sunflower, lime green, red, dark green, burgundy, peacock, flat black, matte yellow, poppy red, forest green and azure blue.

Not only are all of the colors great, they are also a mixture of glossy and matte finish.

The angel company also makes these vinyl sheets in different sizes, I believe they also make a 6×12 size sheet. I really like the fact that these sheets are 12×12 though because they fit exactly perfectly on the map of my cutting machine so there is no extra space, and no wasted craft vinyl.

There are so many things that you can do with this craft vinyl, of course the most common and easiest things to make are just plain stickers with one color. You don’t even need a cutting machine to make a sticker with one color, you can just use a craft punch and a fun shape, or you can cut it out with an exacto knife. However, since there are 35 different colors in this pack of vinyl craft sheets made by Angel, can use your cutting machine and make really intricate designs with multiple colors.

If you go ahead and take the time to watch the video that I made, I go kind of step by step to show you exactly how I made a one color sticker with this Angel 12 by 12 self adhesive craft vinyl and my cutting machine. I just use a simple whale shape, but it comes out great, and because the vinyl sheets are so big the sticker that I made almost completely covers my Chromebook that I made the sticker for. If you look on the pictures that I am uploading you can see a picture of the Chromebook with the whale sticker made out of this angel self-adhesive craft vinyl.

This self-adhesive craft vinyl is just as good as the craft vinyl that you can buy at Michaels or AC Moore, except it is way more affordable, and you also get a lot more different colors than they have in their color packs.

This was a great product, and I am very happy that I got it. I would suggest that anyone who likes to use a cutting machine get this set of 35 craft vinyl sheets made by #angelcraft

I received this product at a huge discount for my honest and unbiased review. I did not just automatically give them five stars even though I got a discount , I tested it out and decided that it was a good product and I like it.