Review of Angel Crafts 12″ x 12″ Self Adhesive Vinyl Sheets



I was lucky enough to be chosen on Tomoson to review a 35 pack of craft vinyl made by Angel Crafts. Here are my findings.

This set of 12×12 self-adhesive vinyl craft sheets are amazing. I ordered these and was crafting just two days later with the vinyl sheets and my Cricut machine. The set of self-adhesive vinyl craft sheets made by Angel is really a great Buy. You get 35 different sheets the colors included are:

magenta, tomato red, tangerine, sunbeam yellow, kelly green, blue, plum, brown, gloss white, gloss black, fiesta pink, wild cardinal red, teal, royal purple, lavender, violet, beige, silver, matte white, medium grey, matte black, gold, Olympic blue, sapphire blue, sunflower, lime green, red, dark green, burgundy, peacock, flat black, matte yellow, poppy red, forest green and azure blue.

Not only are all of the colors great, they are also a mixture of glossy and matte finish.

The angel company also makes these vinyl sheets in different sizes, I believe they also make a 6×12 size sheet. I really like the fact that these sheets are 12×12 though because they fit exactly perfectly on the map of my cutting machine so there is no extra space, and no wasted craft vinyl.

There are so many things that you can do with this craft vinyl, of course the most common and easiest things to make are just plain stickers with one color. You don’t even need a cutting machine to make a sticker with one color, you can just use a craft punch and a fun shape, or you can cut it out with an exacto knife. However, since there are 35 different colors in this pack of vinyl craft sheets made by Angel, can use your cutting machine and make really intricate designs with multiple colors.

If you go ahead and take the time to watch the video that I made, I go kind of step by step to show you exactly how I made a one color sticker with this Angel 12 by 12 self adhesive craft vinyl and my cutting machine. I just use a simple whale shape, but it comes out great, and because the vinyl sheets are so big the sticker that I made almost completely covers my Chromebook that I made the sticker for. If you look on the pictures that I am uploading you can see a picture of the Chromebook with the whale sticker made out of this angel self-adhesive craft vinyl.

This self-adhesive craft vinyl is just as good as the craft vinyl that you can buy at Michaels or AC Moore, except it is way more affordable, and you also get a lot more different colors than they have in their color packs.

This was a great product, and I am very happy that I got it. I would suggest that anyone who likes to use a cutting machine get this set of 35 craft vinyl sheets made by #angelcraft

I received this product at a huge discount for my honest and unbiased review. I did not just automatically give them five stars even though I got a discount , I tested it out and decided that it was a good product and I like it.