DawnBlogtopus Likes Octopus Tripods – Review

I recently made a review on Amazon of the iBOLT Tripod miniPro with Sonic Shutter Selfie Remote. My findings are explained below.

This is actually the second octopus tripod stand I have gotten this month. I do YouTube Unboxing and review videos, and I found that I had to try to balance my phone on random stuff such as boxes or books to try to get a good angle during filming. This octopus style tripod stand and selfie remote is priced significantly higher than the other octopus style tripod that I bought previously. However, this tripod has more accessories as well as it seems to be a higher quality of materials and workmanship than the other tripod. Don’t get me wrong, the other tripod is FINE and servicable, but it was a 4 star product instead of a 5 star product.

This is a small ish tripod, the tentacles are approximately 8 inches long, and you can move them in any way that you like. There’s a mounting plate allows for cameras with the threaded insert to be used, and there’s also an extra piece that holds your cell phone very securely and can be positioned different ways. This is a difference from the other tripod that I got — though it has a cell phone attachment it’s a small spring loaded one, and it doesn’t fit my phone when I have my Otterbox case on it. This tripod, however, DOES fit my Samsung Galaxy S5 with the case on it without having to remove the outside rubber piece.

This tripod also comes with the Sonic Shutter Selfie Remote. The remote works great, and the battery is even included for your convenience. The Sonic Shutter remote control shutter works through a proprietary app that you download and install on your phone. The app automatically detects the remote shutter as soon as the app is installed which was also convenient.

The legs are very flexible, joint by joint, and can bend in any direction you want them to go. They are perfect for attaching this tripod wherever you need it. it can be attached vertically, horizontally, or even upside down. Now that’s cool! The legs worked very well to adjust your shots, as advertised. I would definitely recommend this tripod and selfie remote to somebody starting photography or maybe filming YouTube videos on a smart phone.

I received this product at a huge discount for my honest and unbiased review. I did not just automatically give them five stars even though I got a discount , I tested it out and decided that it was a good product and I like it.