Opshorie Ionic Hair Straightener Brush Review

I am lucky enough to be able to test products for free or at a huge discount. This is my Amazon review of the Opshorie Ionic Hair Straightener Brush

I am really super happy that I ordered this ionic hair straightening brush. I already have one of the more common NON ionic hair straightener brushes with the rubber tips, and I have to say that this one is MUCH better.

This ionic hair straightener came in a very nice black box with a picture of the brush on it. In the box is the black ionic brush straightener, a hot mitt glove type thing, two alligator hair clips, and a user manual.

Everything on the brush is made of plastic except for the bristles and buttons which look to be metal, and there is a rubberish guard around the metal bristles. The buttons are metallic and the ionic button lights up. It is little heavy but still comfortable to use as a hair brush. I could see if you have very long and very thick hair that the weight of this brush might be a turn off, but since I have medium length and medium to thick hair the heaviness was a sign of durability. It feels WAY more sturdy than any of the other straightener brushes that I have tried out. Which, by the way, is 4 of them.

The buttons are located on the front of the handle which is better than the other hair straightener brushes that have them on the sides. It also has a small LED display to show the temperature of the hair brush as it’s heating, which I thought was an awesome feature. The LED screen flashes while the brush is heating up and stays lit when it’s reached the optimal temperature that you set it for.

The bristles are hard and stiff but very comfortable for me to use. They don’t have those rubber tips that can get caught in your hair. I like to use the straightener to just make my hair smoother, and when you turn the ionic button on you really only need one pass through your hair to make your hair nice and smooth and straight. Just take a look at my video and you can see how my hair went from kind of wavy and messed up looking to perfectly straight with just one pass through with this straightening brush. I also like how when you use the straightener it makes your hair automatically so much more shiny and smooth and professional looking.

I really like this hair brush straightener, I think that it was a great purchase. I would recommend this ionic hair straightener to with all types of hair, I think that this particular hair straightener would work on even curly hair. The other straightening brushes that I have tried definitely would not work on really curly hair. This one seems like it is a lot more powerful.

If you found my review, pictures, and video helpful please let me know. If you have any other questions about this product please let me know that as well and I will try to answer them for you.

I received this product at a discount for my honest review.