Amazon Review of Kumfy Soft Nursing Pads

Today’s unbiased review is for Kumfy Soft Nursing Pads. They are cute and useful as well.

These are very cute, colorful, and soft nursing pads. Since my baby is three and a half months old I am past the stage of randomly leaking buckets of milk. Since my body has pretty much regulated Itself by this time I only leak just a little bit sometimes. I had been using regular disposable nursing pads, and I feel like I was wasting a lot of money. I would put a pair in every time I knew that I was going to be away from the house for more than a couple hours and sometimes I would leak and sometimes I wouldn’t. Or sometimes I would leave only a tiny bit and have to throw those pads away and it was definitely a waste.

Since these nursing pads are washable I can wear them anytime I’m going out of the house and not have to worry about throwing them away if I only leak on them a drop or two. And in addition to saving money, they are really extra super soft.

I love the colors, they are so much more fun than boring old white. These Kumfy Soft nursing pads are made using three layers, organic bamboo velour that goes next to the skin, microfiber in the middle to absorb milk, and on the outside is a water-proof layer next to your bra to keep it dry. I think that this is a great combination of softness, thinness, and leakage protection.

These are great nursing pads, and since they are washable I’m happy to say that I will be able to pass them on as hand-me-downs to my sister-in-law when I don’t need them anymore.


I received these nursing pads at a discount for my honest review.