MamaWay Ring Sling Review

This review is from my Amazon purchase of a Mamaway Baby Ring Sling Carrier. Here’s a hint – 5 stars!

This is my new favorite baby carrier! I have tried them all, from the Boba to the Baby Bjorn, to a bunch of generic ones to this ring sling. I had never tried a ring sling before, it was all the front carrying or backpack style ones. I had seen ring slings before and they looked really intimidating to me. Enter the #mamaway one, it had a bunch of different videos made by the company that were only a couple of minutes long and were really helpful.

I loved the videos! I think that they were the most helpful because the lady would go through how to do it once with the baby, and then she would repeat it all over another time. So you could just watch the first time to get the idea, and then grab your baby for the second time around to try it for yourself. I was able to get my baby in the sling (mostly) correctly the first time. I would like to reiterate that the actual ring should be on your should when you are putting your baby in. If the ring is slouching down your chest then it’s going to slide even further and be uncomfortable. But once you have it correctly it’s very comfy.

I think that this #ringsling goes up to 35 pounds. I honestly can’t imagine carrying around a 35 pound kid for any length of time. My almost 5 year old is 40 pounds, and I can barely pick her up, let alone carry her around! But I’m weak, maybe you’re stronger. My baby is currently 18 pounds, and he is very comfortable to carry around in this ring sling.

This sling comes in a bunch of different colors, I personally got the “rainbow candy” version. It’s very pretty in person, it’s got nice shades of purple, red, yellow, tan, and blue. It’s nice looking.

If you’re wondering if this sling will fit you if you’re overweight. My answer is that it should, depending on how overweight you are, and how you carry your weight. I am a size 14 and I was worried that it wouldn’t fit me. But it fits with LOTS of fabric left, so I would guess that it would fit someone up to at least a size 18/20.

I am very happy that I got this ring sling. I was so scared to try it, that I would accidentally drop my baby. But after putting it on, if you do it correctly I don’t think that there’s any way to drop them, unless you are careless when you are putting them in or taking them out. I made sure to do it over the couch, just in case!

I hope that you found my review helpful. Thanks for reading. Here is the link to buy a MamaWay ring sling if you’re in the market for one:  #babywearing
#mamawayUSA #ringsling 

I received this ring sling at a discount for my honest review and opinions.