Stardust Pop Whitening Professional Tooth Stain Remover Polish Paste

This toothpaste is pretty cool. It comes in the little round tubs like at your dentist’s office. I like the fact that it is whitening toothpaste and I also like the fact that it’s purple, just because.

This toothpaste tastes fine, I was kind of hoping that it might have a little bit of a fruity taste because of the color but it is just a standard mint flavored toothpaste which is okay and what most people are probably hoping for.

These little toothpaste pods are perfect for travel. You can open one up and use it for a few days. I seem to be getting about 4 days use out of one pod.

The reason that I am giving this for stars instead of 5 is it is extra gritty. I was expecting a small amount of grittiness due to it being whitening toothpaste, but it is extra gritty. As in, if you don’t rinse a hundred percent then in the morning it will be like you have chunks of sand in your teeth. I thought that I had rinsed a hundred percent but I was wrong. Now when I use this toothpaste at night I use my Waterpik after it just to be sure that I got all of the little grits out of my teeth.

As for Whitening, I feel like it has white in my teeth a shade or so after using the toothpaste for about a week.

I received this product at a discount for my honest review. Thanks for reading.