The YogiiiTote | Yoga Mat Tote Sling Carrier w/ Large Side Pocket & Zipper Pocket

I got this yoga bag tote because I recently joined the YMCA and I really wanted to take some of the yoga classes but I didn’t want to use their mats that other people have sweated all over so I decided to get my own mat. And when you have your own mat of course you need a mat carrier. So enter this yoga mat carrier made by Yogiii.

The reason that I am giving this product for stars instead of 5 is the color is kind of awful. The mat is well-made and seems sturdy and seems like it will last for years to come. However, the color that I received is this really yucky kind of dark mustard yellow color and it is really not cute at all. I really wish that I had gotten a different color, I think that the red one or one of the darker ones might be much cuter. This one looked nice on the screen though but in person the color is yucky.

Even though I don’t like the color, I am still going to continue using this bag because it really is made of a good construction and is very handy to bring yoga mat, water bottle, and whatever else you might need to bring with you.

I received this product at a discount for my honest review and opinions. Thanks for reading.