Women Padded High Impact Front Comfort Racerback Sports Bra

This is a really great sports bra, yoga bra, or any other activity bra. This is a very nice bra that is not only comfortable, but I think that it looks pretty good while you are wearing it, as well. This sports bra is gray with black trim. I believe that this type of gray color is called “space dyed?” It’s kind of a pixalated kind of medium gray color. This sports bra has a sturdy zipper that zips up the front. I like the fact that this sports bra has a zipper for two reasons – 1: It’s easier to zip up the front that use catches in the back or to pull a tight bra over your head. And 2: the zipper sort of makes a defined line down the middle of your chest so you don’t end up with the uniboob look. That’s never a good look.

This sports bra is nice looking, but it’s also good quality. It’s made out of a medium weight cloth that feels sturdy, thick elastic, and a good zipper that zips smoothly up and down. This sports bra does NOT feel like one of those terrible cheapie sports bras that you can get at a place like 5 below, it feels like a regular normal sports bra that you can get at your local store – except that you have the convenience of ordering it here and getting Prime shipping, my bra got here within the 2 days, and it arrived in excellent condition, packed in it’s own little bag.

All in all, I like this sports bra, I wear this sports bra to the gym, and I plan on wearing it to the gym tomorrow. It’s a good bra.

I received this product at a discount for my honest review and opinions. Thanks for reading.