Gideon™ Fogless Shower Mirror with Strong Suction-Cup Mounting Base

This is a nice mirror for the shower. This mirror is pretty good. The suction is fairly strong. It has a clever little suction cup and locking mechanism that you turn to “lock” it. and then to get it off you should have to “unlock” it, then pull the tab to get the mirror off of the shower wall. However, It has fallen off my shower wall but after I put it back it stays on for a couple of weeks.The mirror fogs up a little bit, but if you clean it with toothpaste it should stay clear for a week or so before you have to clean it again. This mirror is pretty good, but not perfect. Overall, I would recommend this mirror. It’s better than a similar mirror that I got this one to replace.

I received this product at a discount for my honest review and opinions. Thanks for reading.