Fajiabao Kids Push Back Car Set Toy

These trucks are so fun to play with! They come in a box that would make a great gift for a little boy…Or a little girl who likes trucks, of course! You get six trucks in the set, I am not really up on my truck lingo, but you get a tow truck, a dump truck, a cement mixer truck, a steamroller truck, and 2 different kinds of digger type trucks. All of these trucks are the kind where you can pull them back and let them go and they will drive themselves. Just a note – they don’t work that well on thicker carpet or rugs. They work great on hardwood floors, tile floors, and low pile carpet or rugs, but when we experimented on the thicker carpet they didn’t go very well. My little baby boy and I had a great time trying these trucks out. He liked them a lot. I think that they are made for kids probably age 3 and up – but I was supervising my little guy, so I let him play with them. My older son also enjoyed them, but the little guy was really loving them.

This is a great truck set to get for your kid or stick in the closet to save for the holidays coming up. This was a good purchase.

I received a discount on this product for my honest review and opinions. THanks for reading.