ZMG Rechargeable Cordless Pets Electric Hair Clippers

This is one cool hair clipper! This is slightly embarrassing to admit, but even though this is an animal clipper, I got it to clip my kid’s hair. I have 2 little boys who are scared of the hair clipper, so I thought that this one might be better, I figured since it was for animals that it might be pretty quiet…And it is, mission accomplished! Also, it has a cute dog picture on it, win-win!

This clipper is unique in the fact that it comes with TWO rechargable batteries, I think that is pretty cool, you can use the clipper while your other battery is charging, and then swap them out for the next hair cut. That was good thinking, I like it. You also get the charging cord, a little brush to clean out the clipper, instructions in “semi-passable” english, and 4 different sized guards for the blade.

It comes in 3 colors, and I got the rose-gold toned one, and it’s very pretty. I like the color a lot, though since it’s a hair clipper, I guess that doesn’t really matter too much in the scheme of things. It is nice looking, though.

I like it, I would get it again.

I received a discount on this product for my honest review and opinions. Thanks for reading.