2 Pack Lumintrail TSA Approved Metal Luggage Combination Travel Locks

This is a set of 2 little padlocks with number dials and extra metal cords to lock down whatever you need to lock. It’s a pack of black and silver – I am a little bit disappointed, I actually picked this particular one because I thought that they were black and white – otherwise I would have picked one with the red instead. Not a big deal, but I was kind of looking forward to a white one that would match my things. The silver is OK, though. These locks are TSA approved, which is great, because you can actually lock up your suitcase on your plane trip, and only the TSA can unlock them with their special keys – no random person can open up your luggage, which is definitely a plus.

These locks are definitely sturdy, and I like the fact that they have a flexible cord instead of a solid “U” to lock them like a lot of other locks. I kept the silver one for myself, and I gave the black one to a friend so we can use them at the gym together. Not that I think that anyone wants to steal my clothes, but I had been going to the gym and not locking my stuff up at all – and there are probably 100+ lockers, I was always forgetting which one that I put my stuff in. So now I can at least remember, because my lock is on it! That’s a plus.

I like these locks, they are sturdy, it’s nice that they come with the extra chain.

I received this product at a discount for my honest review and opinions. Thanks for reading.