SunLabz® 12 Bay/Slot Smart Battery Charger for AA AAA

My Energizer 4 slot battery charger recently died after many many years of hard work, so enter the SunLabz 12 Bay/Slot Smart Battery Charger for AA and AAA NiCd NiHM Rechargeable Batteries.

We go through so many disposable at batteries at my house since my Energizer battery charger died, so it was long over due that I purchased a newer and bigger and better battery charger for rechargeable batteries.

When I received this smart charger inside the box included the smart battery charger, which was padded to help protect it during shipment and a plug to plug it into the wall to charge the rechargeable batteries. No more, no less, exactly what you need.

When you plug the battery charger into the wall, the LED screen lights up. The new and innovative feature about the LED screen is that it will show the individual charge levels for each battery that is plugged into the charger. This way you know which one is full and ready to use. This is a better charger than my old one because it holds both AA and AAA batteries, which makes it really convenient, as most battery operated things use AA or AAA batteries.

With this battery charger and using using rechargeable batteries will not only save a lot of money by not buying batteries, this is a GREAT investment! My kids use a lot of things take batteries; remote controls, wireless keyboards, wireless mouses, game controllers, loud toys, keyboards, flashlights that use batteries and so much more! This has the ability to charge a lot of batteries at once, show each batteries charge level and save money.

I received this product for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.