Cute Baby Bibs with Food Catcher. Boys And Girls. Yellow / Aquamarine, 2 Pack

I like this type of bib, I actually have a couple of the other more name brand version of this bib and this 1 works just as well as the fancy name brand. The price is great for a package of two. In the set you get a yellow and a green which is great for being gender neutral. I have seen some other reviewers saying that the bib says “my baby, my king”, but that must be an older version, because mine just says my baby and it has a crown which is good for a boy or a girl.

The silicone bibs catch food as it falls, instead of just protecting the clothes it protects the floor as well. Also, it saves food waste because if something just falls in pocket of the bib it’s easy enough just to pop it back into baby’s mouth.

The bib can be washed in the sink and dried, or you could probably actually put it in the top rack of the dishwasher if you wanted to.

It adjusts easily with the little pearls which is great. What’s also great is with a regular cloth bib if the baby spill something liquidy then usually their clothes get soaked through the cloth bib. However, with these silicone bibs their clothes stay nice and dry. Also, the silicone bibs don’t tend to stain like cloth bibs do, so your kids can wear these and use them, and then you can pass them on as hand me downs to someone else, and they will look just as good as new. These boobs are made of silicone so they are flexible enough that you can just fold it up and put it in your purse for diaper bag for easy travel.

I’ll be buying more of these as baby gifts in the future because they are cute, easy to clean, adjustable, and a great deal.

I receive this product at a discount for my honest review.