Coccyx Seat Cushion for Maximum Sciatica Pain Relief, Bonus Tote Bag

This is an amazingly awesome cushion! It’s actually meant for people with back pain, however I ordered mine right before I gave birth because the last time I gave birth recovery was an AWFUL experience. Last time, without this cushion, between the stitches and the hemorrhoids I could NOT sit down comfortably for a couple of weeks, and that plastic donut pillow that the hospital gave me was absolutely no help, I ended up sitting on a Boppy Pillow last time. However, I am now a couple of days past labor, and this cushion is extremely helpful in my recovery.

It comes in a very nice zippered carry bag with a handle, and it has 3 covers, so you can always have a nice fresh clean one while the other covers are in the washing machine. The cushion itself is a very high quality, 1000 time better than the hospital pillow!! I would recommend this pillow as a baby shower gift to any pregnant Mommy out there, even though it’s made for back pain it’s made a world of difference in being able to sit down after birth comfortably.

I was given a discount on this product for my honest opinion.