Baby Nail Clippers for 0-2 Years Newborn Baby, Nail Trimmer Electric

These are great little nail clippers/grinder/filer for your baby. I personally had a bad experience last month by accidentally snipping too close on my poor baby’s finger, it even bled. He was upset, I was upset, it was awful. So I knew I had to find something better than a clipper. Enter this baby nail filer! It’s so great to know that when I use this it definitely won’t hurt my little baby .

It comes as a little kit with the filer, different filing tips depending on the age of the child, and a little case to keep it all in. Mine even came pre-installed with batteries. I think that it takes AAA when it needs replacing.

It was gentle on my baby, and also pretty quiet. He didnt seem to mind it.

I received this product at a discount for my honest review and opinions. Thanks for reading.