Shortcuts for Busy Moms

Image result for busy octopusAs a Mom of 3 I have zero extra time to waste. Let me give you some shortcuts for busy moms to save some time in your everyday life.

If you’re a busy person like me, you could probably use some time-saving shortcuts to use throughout your day to save you not only time but energy and effort as well. Do you have a big family? Read on for some tips to help busy moms tackle the chores.


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Do you have a shared laundry hamper in the bathroom? Do you and your mate share a hamper? Are you tired of having to sort the laundry by family member? Assign each family member a laundry day. That way each person has a full day to get all of their laundry done, and there is no sorting between family members needed.

Here’s a shortcut – let the kids help

Kids as young as 3 can start learning how to do the laundry. They should already know how to put their dirty clothes into a hamper. Just give them their own, you can get different colors for different kids if you still want to keep them all in the bathroom. On their assigned laundry day help them carry the hamper to the washer, and get them to stick all of the clothes inside. Put the detergent in and show them the buttons to start the washer.

As long as your washer/dryer set is front load, they should be able to transfer their own laundry and let them press the buttons to start it. I started my daughter on laundry at age 3, and now at 5 she can do it 95% on her own, I just put the detergent in for her because I keep it on a high shelf she can’t reach so the baby can’t get into it. Poison, you know.

Big Family, Lots of Cups

Create a “1 cup per person per day” rule at your house. Assign each person in your house their own personal cup. The owner of that cup is responsible for washing their cup throughout the day if they want to change drinks, and also for washing it or putting it in the dishwasher at the end of the night. Kids age 5+ should be able to do these things as long as they can reach the sink, but you might have to help anyone under age 5.

Do you have any time-saving shortcuts for big families? I would love to hear them. Comment down below!  And if you need a little me time (like most busy moms do!) be sure to check out my article Time to Relax.