Feeling a Little Holiday Let-Down?

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Are you feeling a little glum because all of the fun of the holidays are over, and the spring is so, so far away? Don’t despair.

If you tend to be a little sad after all of the fun of the holidays are over, I feel you. I am lucky because I have many family birthdays spread throughout the winter so at least I have some little kid parties to look forward to, but I still feel a little blue when it’s cold and snowy outside.

Lift Your Mood

The best thing for you to do to lift your mood is to spend time with people you love. If you can’t spend time with them physically, no problem, that’s what the internet is for! Connecting people to people. Happiness begets happiness, so be sure to hang around people who lift your mood rather than stomp it down. Wouldn’t you rather spend time with someone who is hopeful and excited about life? Yeah, me too.

Get Out of Those PJs

When I am feeling a little down I tend to wear PJs or baggy sweats all day. That’s just not a good idea! You should take a shower, fix your hair, and put on something that makes you look and feel great. Unless, of course, going to the gym and working out makes you feel better. If you’re planning on working out, either at the gym or at home, feel free to leave those sweats on!

Feeling better now? You might want to see a doctor if your unhappiness persists. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a real thing, and there are medications to help. Good luck!