Fun on a Budget for Kids 3ish-8ish

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February vacation starts next week. Here are some ideas to keep the kids busy and have fun on a budget.

If your kids are having February vacation next week you’re either excited to have extra time together, or possibly dreading it! Or maybe you’re feeling a little bit of both. Even if you are looking forward to the kids being home, you’re probably not looking forward to the “I’m booorrreddd…” and “There’s nothing to dooooooo….” that often comes with more than a day or two off of school. Here are some suggestions for some things to keep Preschool-2nd grade-ish busy.

YouTube Karaoke

No matter what kind of songs your kids like if you google the name of the song and “lyrics” it will pop up a YouTube video with the song and the lyrics on the screen, that way they can sing along. Of course, this is only for kids who can read, so probably 1st and 2nd graders or older.

My daughter loves doing this even though she can’t read – because she knows all of the words to just about any song that’s on the radio, and this let’s me sing along with her. For even more karaoke fun, you can get karaoke microphones made for kids on Amazon at various price points. I’ll put a couple down below so you can check them out. I actually have the first one, it has bluetooth so you can hook it up to your phone or iPod


Snow Painting

Snow painting is super easy and super fun! Just get a clean squirt bottle of any type – a cleaned out condiment bottle would work, or you can go to the Dollar Tree and have a selection of a few different types. Then just add a few drops of food coloring and water, and go out and paint the snow! Fun, cheap, and will keep them busy until they get too cold.

Make COokies

What’s better than a project that you can eat? Get out the ingredients to make the dough and bake those cookies together. If you’re not the baking type, then you can get some slice and bake cookies and let the kids use cookie cutters and have fun!

I hope that you found this article on having fun with kids on a budget helpful. There’s nothing worse than whiny kids home for a while week! Keep ’em busy! If you need some ideas for pampering yourself after this week is over, check out my article Taking Care of You.

Love, DawnBlogtopus


  • athomefeelin

    March 4, 2017

    I love the snow painting idea! My 4 year old loves to play in the snow and it doesn’t matter how cold it is! I hate the cold. haha Not a good combination but I bear the cold for him anyway. This would be a whole new fun thing to do outdoors, although then I would probably be outside even longer on those oh so cold days. haha

    • Dawn Blogtopus

      March 6, 2017

      Thank you so much for reading and kind comments. I went to check out your blog as well and it’s excellent!

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