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Not all LuLaRoe consultants are created equal. This new series on will highlight some of my favorite LuLaRoe Consultants.

Are you familiar with the wonderful comfort that is slipping on a pair of LuLaRoe’s magical leggings? Once you’ve put them on you’ll want to get a pair for every day plus more to wear as PJ’s!

LuLaRoe is sold in a very odd way – you can’t just go to their website and buy it. You have to seek out a LulaRoe “Fashion Consultant” to purchase LuLaRoe clothing. Many consultants host parties in their homes and travel to “pop up” parties where someone else is the hostess for the evening. Another popular way to buy and sell the clothing is online on Facebook. There are hundreds of Facebook groups solely dedicated to selling LuLaRoe clothing, which includes not only the magical leggings, but also skirts, shirts, dresses, and even children’s clothing.

Unfortunately, not all consultants are as professional and honest as you might hope. This blog series is dedicated to some of the amazing consultants that I have come across. Today’s “Roe Model” consultant is Jennifer Trusso. Here are the same seven questions that I will ask all of the different “Roe Models”. Enjoy getting to know your new favorite consultant!

1 – How long have you been a consultant and how did you get started?

I got my call on January 19th. My initial inventory came January 27. And I did my first sale February 5th! I was well addicted before I became a consultant so making that decision wasn’t too hard. I would buy leggings weekly and fell instantly fell in love (I loved the Halloween capsule). My sponsor and I met in a bst site while I was selling leggings that did not fit me. And its been happily ever Lula ever since! I’ve already met so many wonderful ladies doing this (even being so new). Best decision I made.

2 – What was your job before, and do you still work there?
I work at Express Scripts as a pharmacy technician. This September it will be 10 years I’ve been working there. I work 8 hour days MondayFriday
3 – What is your favorite piece of clothing that Lularoe makes?
Leggings! But, I also love Randy’s! I’m always wearing leggings with a oversized tee (usually an Irma) or Randy’s with jeans. I also love oversized Julia’s and of course my girl Amelia. I think maxis are going to become my summer staple this year also! There’s just to many great styles to pick just one. Oh, and wait until the new styles come out! 😉
4 – Do you have an entire LulaRoom set up? If so, can we see a picture?
I have a few rooms dedicated to my Lula inventory and parties. I love decorating and making my Boutique a fun place to be. Note: See the video below for pictures of Jennifer’s Lula Room.
5 – What did your family think about you becoming a consultant? Has their opinion changed since you got started?
My husband supports me. He knows how much I was dedicated to finding my unicorn before I became a consultant. So, when I finally decided to take the leap he was onboard and eager to help anyway he could. My mom, well she thought it was too much money to invest. Now, she’s starting to understand everything a little better and is 100% onboard with me. Everytime I see her she’s wearing leggings or shopping my inventory! 
6 – What’s your unicorn?
My unicorn is anything with roses anymore. And I’m also searching for a large classic tee with the lace print all over! 
7 – Are you participating in any pop-ups or putting up new inventory on your VIP page soon that you’d like to tell us about?
Yes, I am. I try to do a VIP sale every Saturday at 6 PM EST. Also, I try to do a few flash sales here and there. I am also opening my Boutique on the weekends per request. …. I would love to have new ladies join my group. My link is :
Thank you to everyone for reading today’s article! Check out Jennifer’s VIP group on Facebook.

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