DawnBlogtopus Accidentally Attends a Rally


Somehow I accidentally attended the “Free Speech” rally in Boston yesterday. Oops.

Yesterday my husband and I were set to attend a wedding reception in downtown Boston yesterday. Being the parents of three that we are, we got grandma and grandpa to come babysit and asked them to come early so we could go spend some time being non-parents. We took a taxi into Boston – $75 plus tip, ouch! and wandered around a little.

There was a lot more traffic (and foot traffic) than usual, which is saying a lot about a Saturday afternoon in Boston. There were also many “alternative looking” people, and many, many people carrying signs of all types. Low and behold, it turns out that we accidentally stumbled into the “Free Speech” rally that was happening in Boston. Here are a few excerpts about the rally from the Washington Post.

Tens of thousands of counterprotesters crammed Boston Common and marched through city streets Saturday morning in efforts to drown out the planned “free speech” rally that many feared would be attended by white-supremacist groups.

City officials said that at least 40,000 people participated in the counter protest, 20,000 of whom participated in a march across town.

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans said there were 27 arrests, primarily for disorderly conduct.

Anyway, there we were, sitting at a cafe, having coffee and a giant chocolate chip cookie. I am a big fan of people watching, there were definitely some interesting things to see yesterday. There were so many signs –  anti-nazi, anti-KKK, anti-Hitler, anti-Trump – I saw it all! Surprisingly absent for a racist rally, though, were any racist signs! I guess the counter-protesters significantly outnumbered the rally attendees.

I was extremely interested in staying in the coffee shop and watching all of the people go by, however, suddenly, people were running away. Not just one person, but many. At that point, my husband suggested that we go back to the hotel and join the wedding reception, lest we be trampled.

And that, my friends, is the story of how I accidentally attended the Free Speech rally in Boston.

Love, DawnBlogtopus

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  • Zoey valuated

    August 20, 2017

    Wow, I would have been terrified! Glad you avoided being trampled 🙂 Awesome post, admin amigo 💞

    • dawnblogtopus

      August 21, 2017

      Thank you ma’am! Hey, at least it gave me something to write about 🙂

  • Afua Gyapomaa

    August 21, 2017

    Hi very interesting, I love people watching too, you defo left at the right time
    Thanks for sharing

  • Sydney

    August 28, 2017

    Very interesting! Did you see why they were running?

    • dawnblogtopus

      August 28, 2017

      Thank for reading, Sydney. The police were starting to arrest people, so I’m guessing that’s why 🙂

  • sunshineandkiddos

    September 4, 2017

    That is like all the neat stuff I wish I could see! People watching is also something me and my hubby do for fun lol you never know what your going to encounter! Not sure if I would like to be involved in anything so rambunctious as that but sure seams interesting to watch from a coffee shop window.

    • dawnblogtopus

      September 5, 2017

      Thanks so much for coming by! Yeah, people watching is such a fun hobby. Boston is great for it, so many different types of people to stare at lol!

  • Ontheothersideofdepression

    September 13, 2017

    Okay im actually laughing becuase all you set our to do so innocently was to go to a wedding. Then greeted with this crazy rally of racism. Haha what an eventfull day that must have been

    • dawnblogtopus

      September 13, 2017

      Thank you so much for coming by! And yes, it was scary, especially since we are mixed race! But everything turned out fine 🙂

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