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If you’re planning on having a Halloween party this year, now is the time to make your last-minute preparations. Read on for more information from DawnBlogtopus.com.

Hopefully, you have already started your Halloween party plans. If not, you’d better hustle! I am going to go over a few different ideas to make your Halloween party a success. Follow my party tips and your ghoul and goblin guests will have an amazing time.

This blog post, by the way, is a Halloween collaboration with Zoey at Zoey Valuated and Jessie at Nerdy Book Life. Just click on their pics below and it will take you to their Halloween posts.


Decorate to Delight, not Give Fright, if Kids are Invited

As a mommy of three children, most of the parties that I go to these days are completely kid-oriented. What really annoys me, as the mommy of 3 scardey-cats, is when decorations are too scary for kids. If you’re inviting kids to your Halloween party, keep the decorations in the “spooky fun” realm instead of “gruesome terror”. Pumpkins, friendly witches and Frankenstein monsters, and black cats are where it’s at when it comes to kid-friendly decorations.

Games Up the Fun Factor by 13X!

If you’re used to attending more grown-up Halloween parties, you might not have thought about what sorts of games to play at a Halloween party. Believe me, it’s nothing like the “I want to play a game” puppet from the SAW franchise. Think about playing games such as “pin the face on the pumpkin”, bobbing for apples, and designing and painting your own Jack o’ Lantern. If you want to hand out prizes for the games, think about giving stickers or Halloween themed plastic rings instead of candy. These kids are going to get enough candy in the next few days anyway.

You’ll Need Refreshments

When it comes to Halloween party refreshments, you might immediately think of sweets, since candy and Halloween go hand-in-hand. However, at your Halloween party, you might prefer to go in a savory direction. If your party is being held around lunch time or dinner time you’ll want to have heavier refreshments such as sandwitches (get it? witches. I know it’s spelled wrong!) pizza, or hamburgers. If you’re having your party at an off-time then you don’t need anything that heavy. Cheese and crackers, chips and dip, and a fruit and veggie platter will be just fine. If you’re a busy mom like me you probably don’t have time to get fussy with the food to “spook” it up. Simply get some Halloween-themed paper plates and napkins. Bam! You’re Halloweened up!

Happy Halloween, Thanks for Reading

Thanks for reading my blog about hosting a Halloween party. I hope that it gave you a few ideas to implement at your next Halloween party. Have a safe and happy Halloween, everyone! Don’t forget to check out Zoey Valuated and Nerdy Book life.

Love, DawnBlogtopus 



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