Meet Cupcake Kitty

Cupcake kitty arrived home at the end of September. Let’s meet this little cutie!

Cupcake is a Devon Rex cat, and her official color is Seal Linx Point. Devon Rex cats are pretty amazing. They are semi-hypoallergenic, and they produce very little shedding because they have curly hair instead of the typical straight cat fur that you are probably used to seeing. Read on for more Devon Rex information and more pictures of Cupcake!

Here is Cupcake the night I brought her home from the airport

Apparently 7-ish Weeks Was Too Early

I bought Cupcake from a breeder in Wisconsin, and unfortunately that breeder has had some problems since I got her and has since shut down her website. Cupcake came home to me at 7.5 weeks old, and she was .87 pounds. Yes, not even a pound! Luckily she came home mostly healthy, just with an eye infection that is really common and she could have developed it on the looooong plane ride due to stress. 2 weeks and some expensive eye drops later and she was as good as new. I am so grateful that Cupcake was healthy for the most part. Now I know, though, that kittens shouldn’t be shipped until 12+ weeks.

Cupcake Settles In

I’ve brought Cupcake to the vet 3 more times since then, 2 for booster shots and once for a rabies shot, and she has been gaining weight rapidly! She’s 3 pounds now, quite a change in 2 months! The vet says that she is doing great, and that she has quite a tummy on her.

How Are Devons Different?

I mentioned that they are semi-hypoallergenic – some websites say that they are completely hypoallergenic, but that is not the case. They don’t have quite as much dander as a typical cat due to their unique hair. And people are technically allergic to the dander and not the fur itself, so therefore many people who are only slightly allergic to cats can enjoy a Devon.

Speaking of enjoyment, would you enjoy a cat who is dog-like? Such as playing fetch, following you from room to room, and enjoying snuggles? You’ll get all that, and more, with a Devon. They are extremely smart, and super cuddly. Basically, the perfect cat.

Unfortunately, there are very few Devon Rex breeders in the US. I was on a waiting list for 2 years before I was able to find my Cupcake with a different breeder. Ironically enough, about a week after I put my non-refundable deposit on Cupcake I got a message from another breeder saying I was at the top of their list! So…I have another one coming in the beginning of January. They say that Devons are like potato chips, you can’t have just one.

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  • Pip Tips

    December 18, 2017

    I loved reading about Cupcake Kitty. My mum has a new little kitten called Kitty too. She is very cute. Your little kitten is gorgeous

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