Meet Pumpkin Kitty!


Meet baby Pumpkin! She is the latest (and last) addition to my family. Read on for more pictures and information about this little cutie.

After having Cupcake for a few weeks, my husband and I decided that she was lonely for feline companionship. It had to be another Devon Rex, of course – otherwise, that would have defeated the purpose of waiting so long for a kitten that was non-shedding and less likely to activate allergies. Luckily I was still on quite a few waiting lists from when I had gotten Cupcake, so I contacted one of the breeders that I was near the top of the waiting list and requested a kitten. And here she is!

Not Quite Twins

She was born at the end of September, so she’s only about 2 months younger than Cupcake. I was a little nervous about putting them together because even though they are of a similar age, Cupcake is a monster size-wise compared to this little dainty kitty.

The First Meeting

When we got home from picking up Pumpkin from the airport we went straight up to my room where I had prepared a litterbox and food/water, intending to keep the two separated for at least a few days while Pumpkin got settled in.

However, after a few hours Pumpkin seemed happy enough, and Cupcake was meowing and sticking her little paws under the door, so we figured we would do a little “meet and greet” to see if they would click. Well. It didn’t quite go that way.

There was no bloodshed, but a lot of growling and hissing at first. This continued for the first 2 days, but after that, they pretty much resigned themselves to the fact that they are now roomies. We’ve had Pumpkin for 12 days now, and they are BFFs. They eat, sleep, play, and use the litter box together now!

And that’s the story of how we got Pumpkin.

Love, DawnBlogtopus

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