Finding Happiness in Life


Everyone feels a little down now and then. It’s time to find happiness. Here are some ideas on how to improve your mood and change your outlook on life.

The first step in working to improve your mood is to figure out what’s wrong. Is there something specific that’s bothering you? Are you having trouble at work, with a friend, or other relationship? Maybe you can’t identify the specific problem, you just know that you’re not feeling very happy. Here are some ideas to add a little cheer into your life.

relationship Happiness problems

If you’re having a problem with any relationship – romantic or platonic – then you’re probably not going to be able to solve the problem by yourself. You’re going to have to talk to the other half of the relationship and try to figure out what’s wrong. Many relationship problems stem from not nurturing the relationship, not spending enough quality time together. Maybe you could help the relationship by spending some quality time together.

work Happiness problems

I don’t have any real answers if your unhappiness comes from work. However, I can tell you something important that I learned when I was a temp worker being shuttled from one office to the next – you’re there to work, not to make friends. It really doesn’t matter if the girl from three cubicles down doesn’t like you and gives you dirty looks when you walk by. Get your work done, be polite, go home.

Just feeling “blah”

If you’re feeling a little down and have no idea why maybe you just need a little pampering and “me time.” If you’re a busy mom and are in need of some serious me time then the best plan is to get your partner to take the kids out (or you go out!) on a regularly scheduled time.

Scheduling me time is a must for a couple of reasons. First, if your me time isn’t scheduled then it’s likely to get pushed to the side and won’t end up happening. Second, having a set time to look forward to can help get you through the week. If you don’t have a partner, or if they are not able to take the kids for you then you could hire a babysitter, or even swap babysitting with another mom so you can both get some “Me time” in, and not have to pay for a babysitter.

I hope that you found this blog helpful. If you need more suggestions on taking some me time for yourself be sure to check out my blog article Time To Relax. If you’re feeling sad and blah more than a couple times per week then you might want to talk to your doctor about it. I hope you feel better soon!

love, Dawnblogtopus


Put Your Life in Drawers


Organizing your house is easy. Organizing your life is a lot harder.

Organizing your items at home is great – it eliminates clutter and makes your house look more inviting than before. However, there’s usually no deeper meaning to organizing your stuff than aesthetic purposes. Taking control and organizing your life is a different story. Do you have a lot of “clutter” in your life? Do you feel anxious, worried, or a little down?

It’s a bright shiny new year, there’s no time to start like the present. I know that when I am feeling anxious or worried it’s because I feel like I am losing control of the things that I have to get done. Of course, with a house full of children, I am constantly behind on what I need to get done. However, organizing your life can be done a little bit at a time, so get started right now.

Get an App. No, Get 3 Apps.

If you are the official appointment keeper for your family, you need to get a calendar app with 24-hour reminder push notifications for your phone, a calendar for the kitchen, a calendar for the office, and some kind of family pinboard/chalkboard/dry erase board. I have all of these things, and I religiously record all of the family’s different doctor, dentist, psychiatrist, physical therapist, etc. appointments on each and every one.

It may seem like overkill, but when you have 3 children in 2 different schools with different activities and appointments things can get out of control very quickly. I feel that I am in much better control of daily life when things are written down, and it makes me feel much calmer about life when I am not wondering at 3AM “Does the baby have a Dr appointment tomorrow?”

Get Rid of Those Extra Worries

Stop worrying so much about the things that you can’t change, and work on the things that you can change. Seriously, how many things have you been worried about this week that haven’t actually happened? Are you worried that your child is going to have a bad day at school? Maybe get into a fight with their friend? If you’ve already talked to them about it, then there’s nothing left for you to do – so let that worry go.

Are you worried that your child is going to have a bad day at school? Maybe get into a fight with their friend? If you’ve already talked to them about it, then there’s nothing left for you to do – so let that worry go.

Are you scared about driving in the snow and the ice to go to work? Stop worrying – as long as you are driving as carefully as you can, then there’s nothing else you can do. Worrying about it isn’t going to stop someone else from being reckless.

I know that it’s hard to get rid of every worry and bad thought that you have, but get rid of as many as you can, you will be a happier person for the effort.

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