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Is your toddler prone to having meltdowns? Avoid tantrums with this advice from DawnBlogtopus.

You versus Toddler. What a match!

She screams, pouts, and throws herself on the floor. You’ve gotten used to this picture, right? It’s not surprising because this is something normal and shows that your child is being a normal child doing age-appropriate actions.

You try to calm her down, but it’s you who ends up frustrated. Feel like you are doing something wrong? Don’t despair, remember that you are not alone and there is always an option. Get ready, you are going to read some advice that might help you the next time a tantrum starts.

The root of the problem

Toddlerhood is all about testing boundaries. Screaming and crying is normal and age-appropriate behavior. In the sensorimotor stage (the first two years of life) children are going to explore their senses and actions. You were doing the same when you were their age!

Piaget designated the first two years of an infants life as the sensorimotor stage. During this period, infants are busy discovering relationships betweentheir bodies and the environment. Researchers have discovered that infants have relatively well developed sensory abilities. 

After two years of age (toddlers), they start to communicate with gestures and words. It is around this time when toddlers experience the feeling of “shame” and “guilt.”  They want independence and, as a consequence, they create their own rules.

What can you do to help your toddler avoid tantrums?

Now that we are starting to understand the reason for the tantrums, we need to figure out a way to help and educate our children. Here are some tips that might help you navigate their world and avoid so many misunderstandings between the two of you.

First, you should anticipate your toddler’s routine. Give him advance notice 10-15 minutes before you tell him that it’s time to clean up. You should also give ample notice before it’s time to leave a place where she’s having fun. You should also give her notice in the evening at home before she needs to clean up, take a bath and go to bed.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

There are particular instances when young children are distracted and need multiple warnings about time, especially if they are having a lot of fun. This is especially true if they are having a playdate with a friend, out at the playground, or anywhere else that’s extra fun.

Are the Basic Needs Being Met?

Make sure that your toddler’s basic needs are fulfilled. Is she hungry? Did she have adequate nap time? Were you out and she completely skipped the nap? These are important questions, and you must consider them when it comes to a child’s routine. This simple questions can save you hours of headaches.

Set Those Boundaries

Set appropriate boundaries for your toddler and make sure they follow them. Let him know that a tantrum is not okay, and if she is not listening, she is going to lose some privileges. If she is already upset with something else, the situation can escalate, and the raise of your voice might blow things out of proportion.

Time Out

I know that some people don’t believe in time out – but I am a firm believer! Of course, for non-verbal kids it doesn’t do very much good. However, for kids 2 and up, it can be very helpful as a cool-down time for both of you. Do 1 minute of time out for each year of age. It’s the fairest punishment in my eyes. For example, if my 5-year-old and my 9-year-old are misbehaving, it just makes good sense that the 9-year-old should have a tougher punishment, being 4 years older, he should know better!

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Love, DawnBlogtopus

Strategies and Tips for Time Management

dawnblogtopus clock

If you’re a busy mom it’s understandable that you can’t fit everything into one day. Here are some strategies and tips to help manage your time.

Between the kids, housework, shopping, cooking, and not to mention if you have a job outside the home it’s hard to fit everything into 24 hours. Personally, I have a long list of hobbies including sewing, reading, crafting, writing, learning GIMP, and more – but forget it! I just don’t have time for hobbies with 3 little kids. I have enough trouble trying to stay on top of the basics. With that said, though, I am handling the basics much better that before, and I’ll tell you how.

Identify the Time Sucks

Once you figure out what is taking up your time then you can take steps to correct it. Strategies for time management definitely requires you to make lists to figure things out. This might not be true for everyone, but in my case there’s not one big thing that takes up my time, but  many, many little things that take a few minutes. Once you add up all of those 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there, though, it turns into hours. I’ll put my list below, what’s on your list?

I have thought about what affects me, and the list that I have come up with is:

  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram
  • The baby acting like a baby (spoiled!)
  • Not being organized enough
  • Not making to-do lists daily
  • Checking my email…Which somehow ends up with me watching YouTube videos…
  • General distractions

Your list of time management time sucks might be similar to mine or completely different. The way to go about solving these problems is on a case-by-case basis, but once you have figured out what the problems are you can at least be more aware of them as they are happening.

My Strategies and Tips for Time Management Solutions

  • Make a “To Do” list every day with the most important things at the top.
  • Plug my phone into the charger and try not to pick it up unless it’s ringing.
  • Try to get as much housework and blogging done as I can when the baby is napping.
  • When checking my email I give myself a little break after – 15 minutes only. I set a timer.
  • After completing either 1 big thing or 3 small things on my To Do list I give myself a 15-minute break (with timer set.)

I hope that you found this article on strategies and tips for time management. These strategies can also be helpful if you have been diagnosed with ADHD. If you’re interested in learning more about being an adult with ADHD check out my blog post, just click the link!

Love, DawnBlogtopus

Fajiabao Baby Bath Tub Animal Toys Fun Swimming Whale

This is an adorable bathtub whale toy. It actually has two different fun functions to it. You can push the little button at the top of his head and he will squirt water out of his blow hole, or you can pull the tiny whale on a string, and it makes the whale flop his fin around and makes him swim in the bathtub. My baby boy is completely enthralled when I make the whale swim. He is only 8 months old, so he doesn’t really understand what’s going on except that the whale is cool! He loves to play with this whale in the tub. He thinks it’s super fun.

My baby likes this whale toy, so I like this whale toy. It’s fun, affordable, and works exactly like it should work.

I received a discount on this product for my honest review and opinions. Thanks for reading.



Fairy Season Toddler Prewalker Football Lace Up Sneaker (6-12 months)

Fairy Season Toddler Prewalker Football Lace Up Sneaker Breathable PU Leather Trainers Shoes (12-18 months, Blue)

These are really super cute little tiny shoes for little babies that can’t walk yet. I got the ones that are white with blue soccer balls. They are adorable and they look really cute on my baby’s feet. The reason that I’m giving this four stars instead of 5 is it’s really hard to know if the shoes are going to fit your baby or not. I was considering getting a few other pairs of them but I’m just not sure if they will fit my nephew’s or not. I do think that they are super cute though and they look like big boy shoes even though they are perfect for a little babies foot. They are soft soled, and my baby actually really likes to chew on them. They seem like they are comfortable and he doesn’t complain about them by crying so I guess he likes them too.

I received this product at a discount for my honest review and opinions. Thanks for reading.


Crafty Bot 4 White Liquid Chalk Markers Set

This is a really nice chalk marker set. You get so many things in this set that it’s hard to name all of them. You get four white chalk markers, you get an eraser, you get extra nibs, and you get a bunch of different chalkboard stickers. I think that this is a good deal, because you get so many extra things and the price is comprable to other sets.

These chalk markers are the same quality as any other chalk marker that I have ever gotten. They all seem to be pretty much the same no matter which brand or color of markers that I get. They come in a cute little box with a robot on it. If you are getting this as a gift for someone it would be a cute little extra to go along with a chalkboard.

These chalk markers work well you just have to shake them before you use them, and make sure that you press the nib down a few times to get the chalk flowing.

This is a nice set, I would definitely get it again.

I received this product at a discount for my honest review and opinions. Thanks for reading.


Natalie Styx 5 in 1 curling iron wand set with 5 pcs Interchangeable Tourmaline Ceramic Heads

This Natalie Styx 5 in 1 Curling Wand set is really quite nice. It’s a very classy gift set that includes a base with 5 different sizes of wands that you can snap on and off of the base to create different styles and looks for the day. This set also includes a heat glove. The heat glove is very good because it covers the whole hand, is a thin material, but still protects very well against burns and abrasions. You can use this glove on either your right or left hand and it works just as well on either. And finally, you get a travel case that is heat-proof so you can pack away your curling iron as soon as you are done using it. All of these things come in a nice box that could definitely make a great gift for someone, or you can keep the extra barrels in it for storage if you don’t use all of the sizes as often as others.

This Natalie Styx 5 in 1 Curling Wand set can be used on any length of hair. The larger barrel is great for my long hair to create nice beachy waves, and the smaller barrels are nice for using on my daughter who has hair that is a little bit shorter.

My Natalie Styx 5 in 1 Curling Wand heats up in around 3ish minutes, and each of the barrels has a built-in stand that you can use when you are using it on the base so the curling wand isn’t resting directly on your bathroom counter or vanity table.

Finally, Natalie Styx 5 in 1 Curling Wand has preset temperature settings that you can see on the LCD screen, and you can change them if you need more heat in one particular area or another that you might have thicker hair.

All in all this is an excellent curling wand set, it is sturdy and feels like it’s made of higher quality materials than my previous curler. It’s an excellent beauty tool. I like it a lot.

I received this product to test and give my honest review and opinions on. Thanks for reading.


Rose Pacifier Clips for a Girl with BPA Free Silicone Teether

This is a really nice set of two different pacifier clips for a little girl. The Pacifier Clips are pretty much the same except they are different color schemes, 1 is green with white and has a red rose in the middle, and the other is green and darker green and has a white rose in the middle. They are made the same way though they are sturdy and they are a kind of thick silicone rubber so the baby can easily too if they are teething.

My baby is a boy, so I got this pacifier clip set for my best friend who has a little baby girl the same age. The little baby girl likes his pacifier clip holders a lot, she chews on them and they look really cute with her outfits.

This pacifier clip holder works with a lot of different kinds of binkies, my son and his little girlfriend really like the mam and they fit just fine with this pacifier clip holder. kind of binkies and they fit just fine with this pacifier clip holder.

I received this product at a discount for my honest review and opinions. Thanks for reading.


The YogiiiTote | Yoga Mat Tote Sling Carrier w/ Large Side Pocket & Zipper Pocket

I got this yoga bag tote because I recently joined the YMCA and I really wanted to take some of the yoga classes but I didn’t want to use their mats that other people have sweated all over so I decided to get my own mat. And when you have your own mat of course you need a mat carrier. So enter this yoga mat carrier made by Yogiii.

The reason that I am giving this product for stars instead of 5 is the color is kind of awful. The mat is well-made and seems sturdy and seems like it will last for years to come. However, the color that I received is this really yucky kind of dark mustard yellow color and it is really not cute at all. I really wish that I had gotten a different color, I think that the red one or one of the darker ones might be much cuter. This one looked nice on the screen though but in person the color is yucky.

Even though I don’t like the color, I am still going to continue using this bag because it really is made of a good construction and is very handy to bring yoga mat, water bottle, and whatever else you might need to bring with you.

I received this product at a discount for my honest review and opinions. Thanks for reading.


Heavy Duty Shipping Tape, 6 rolls by Heavy Duty Moving

This is a fairly good set of heavy duty packing tape. You get 6 rolls in the set and each roll is 110 yards apiece. The inner core is 2 inches which is important for you to know if you want to attach this to a tape gun. I have a very standard size tape gun and these rolls fit just fine.

This tape is a pretty good quality and it definitely seals my boxes well. The only problem that I have with this team is it is really difficult to get it started. I have to scratch and scratch and scratch with my fingernail to get it started and then it’s kind of hard to keep going. But once I have it attached to the gun everything is fine.

The best part about this tape is that it’s made in the USA. It’s from a company in Tennessee, and it makes me feel happy to buy things that are made in the USA.

This tape is a great deal because you get so many yards for your money.

I received this product at a discount for my honest review and opinions. Thanks for reading.


Stardust Pop Whitening Professional Tooth Stain Remover Polish Paste

This toothpaste is pretty cool. It comes in the little round tubs like at your dentist’s office. I like the fact that it is whitening toothpaste and I also like the fact that it’s purple, just because.

This toothpaste tastes fine, I was kind of hoping that it might have a little bit of a fruity taste because of the color but it is just a standard mint flavored toothpaste which is okay and what most people are probably hoping for.

These little toothpaste pods are perfect for travel. You can open one up and use it for a few days. I seem to be getting about 4 days use out of one pod.

The reason that I am giving this for stars instead of 5 is it is extra gritty. I was expecting a small amount of grittiness due to it being whitening toothpaste, but it is extra gritty. As in, if you don’t rinse a hundred percent then in the morning it will be like you have chunks of sand in your teeth. I thought that I had rinsed a hundred percent but I was wrong. Now when I use this toothpaste at night I use my Waterpik after it just to be sure that I got all of the little grits out of my teeth.

As for Whitening, I feel like it has white in my teeth a shade or so after using the toothpaste for about a week.

I received this product at a discount for my honest review. Thanks for reading.